OUR MISSION: To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts and to serve our veterans, the military, and the communities on behalf of all veterans.

OUR VISION: This mission statement reflects what our post does to protect the rights of the veterans and their families who sacrificed, and often resulting in a final sacrifice, for love of this great country. We will always consider, first and foremost, the interests of our fellow veterans, honor their service, promote patriotic awareness among our youth, and promote the vision that our veterans willingly engaged, sometimes in prolonged, in combat against the enemy so that their children and grandchildren would never have to do the same.


1 Always provide for the needs and interests of our fellow veterans.

2. To serve our communities

3. To honor the sacrifices made by our veterans in defense of our country

4. Develop patriotic awareness and appreciation of the freedom that exists in this great country by our younger generations

5. Cherish those who assist and donate to the veterans and treat them as partners in our cause
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